GCSE Equation sheet

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kinetic energy KE
Elastic potential energy EE
Gravitational potential energy GPE
Specific heat capacity SHC
Power (Energy) Power (Energy)
Power (Work) Power (Work)
Efficiency Efficiency
Charge Charge
Ohm's law Ohm's Law
Power (Electrical) Electrical power
Power (Energy loss due to R) Power loss due to R
Energy transferred (P) Energy transferred
Energy transferred (Q V) Energy transferred
Density Density
Specific latent heat Specific latent heat
Gas pressure Gas pressure
Weight Weight
Work done Work done
Hooke's law Hooke's law
Work done Work done
Moment Moment
Pressure (Surface) Pressure (Surface)
Pressure (Liquid) Pressure (Liquid)
Distance Distance
Acceleration Acceleration
Equation of motion Equation of motion
Newton's second law Newton's second law
Momentum Momentum
Force (Rate of change of momentum) Force (Rate of change of momentum)
Period / Frequency Period / Frequency
Wave speed Wave speed
Magnification Magnification
Force on a conductor Force on a conductor
Transformer coils Transformer coils
Transformer power Transformer power